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Screening Bucket FlipScreen

The FlipScreen screen bucket is available in many different sizes and for all types of carriers, e.g. for excavators, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers, skid steer loaders or backhoe loaders.

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The FlipScreen concept

The FlipScreen concept

The FlipScreen concept is simple and easy to use. The FlipScreen with the patented system picks up the material like a conventional bucket and then screens it in a smooth continuous 360 degree rotation – without shaking or vibrating. Finally, with a counter-rotation all the remaining oversize is ejected into the desired area.

The advantages of FlipScreen

The advantages of FlipScreen

The robustness and advantages of the FlipScreen screening bucket are unique. For example, it impresses with its waterproof spoon, which makes it possible to drive around the workstation without losing any load. Or the fact that the screen size can be changed in less than five minutes by a single person without tools.

The smart valve

The smart valve

The unique smart valve allows the FlipScreen to be easily set up or interchanged between carriers without making any adjustments to the carrier's hydraulic installation.

Largest screening surface area of its class

With the largest screening surface in its class, it also offers more efficiency than the competition. The fact that the bucket can be used under water is also unique. Even concrete with reinforcement, demolition material as well as stones and gravel can be screened. Due to the many different screen sizes available, the material can be processed much further than usual.

If you would like to find out more about the versatile use of the FlipScreen screening bucket, you can find an article here, that was published in the magazine «Spektrum Bau».


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